Diver Com and Nov

DiveLine is a personal Navigation and Communication device primarily targeted at Scuba Divers. The underwater world is beautiful and fascinating and people are drawn to explore and enjoy the experience. However, it should not be forgotten that scuba diving is an extreme sport with its own peculiar injuries and potentially life-threatening hazards. Some of these hazards are barotraumas, decompression sickness, Nitrogen Narcosis, Oxygen Toxicity to name a few.

Staying connected with the ability to send alerts and messages to other divers as well as the surface can greatly increase the comfort of the dive as the diver can be confident that he can reach out for assistance or update status if required. It can be seen that having personal communication capability and navigation is actually an essential tool but up till now such a device has not been available that is unobtrusive and reliable. DiveLine will be the product that will bring these capabilities to the Scuba diving industry and change the way of Scuba Diving towards a safer and more positive experience.

Credentials For Fruition

DiveLine will be built on the expertise of DSPComm underwater wireless communications technology used in diverse markets around the globe for 15years. The wireless communication technology of DSPComm (using acoustics) is mature, proven and unparalleled in performance and reliability compared with any other competitor technology available today.

DiveLine will be built on this core communications technology adding features that will make this product into an easy to use and enjoyable product that provides a key life line for safety and staying connected with Buddies and with the surface. For background of company refer: www.dspcomm.com