Diveline Navigation

Current Diver Navigation

Diver navigation is rudimentary compared to the above water state of technology of navigation using GPS. This is mainly due to the fact that radio signals cannot propagate underwater or to a very minute distance. Hence the current state is to use a compass, dead reckoning and memory for visual ques. Added to this only a small proportion of scuba diver go on to take more advanced courses on underwater navigation. Mostly divers enter the water and on surfacing hope they do so relatively close to the boat and the boat can see them. In case the dive buddy is lost or some other mishap the divers rely a lot on luck to make it back.

What Differentiates Diveline Nav?

The backbone of Diveline Nav is built on the rock solid reliability of the DSPComm communications system. DSPComm has a successful and long experience in underwater metrology for the sub-sea industry. Diver navigation by electronic assisted means currently remains almost non-existent apart from very specialist military systems. Several attempts have been made for a Diver navigation system and all of these have failed to penetrate the market either due unreliability or cost or both.

How Does Diveline Do Navigation?

We have developed a Navigation system never before seen in the Scuba market. This is intellectual property solely developed by us using previous knowledge in Metrology in other industries. We are able to do accurate navigation due to the properties inherent in the signalling system we use. Navigation is carried out by selecting a target and exchanging information with the target.

How Will Diveline Navigation Change The Scuba Landscape?

Imagine being lost underwater. It is a terrifying experience. A diver wouldn’t know how far he will surface from the boat. There are many real life incidents where divers have been lost or left behind. A search can ensue for hours to try to locate a diver. A diver can loose sight of the buddy or get lost from the dive group. Currently there is no way to locate. The current navigation practices using compass only work for predetermined stationary targets where the distance has been measure with the number of kick cycles.

Bring to this scenario a device where the diver can locate any target on demand within a short period of time or mark a target that you can return to. The Diveline Nav function gives both direction and distance to target so that the diver can make the correct decisions. Conserving air and energy underwater is very important and having assistance to stay within safe limits are invaluable.

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If a diver is lost or needs assistance currently there is no easy way to locate and help the diver. In most cases the other divers hope that he will surface on the distressed divers own volition. Searching underwater is a daunting task at best. All this risk and distress is greatly reduced or elminated completely with DiveLine Nav thus giving the diver and the team a greater peace of mind to enjoy the diving experience.