Diver Com and Nov
  • Facility to send air pressure to the boat as well as the team leader. The device will remind the diver to check air pressure every two to three minutes and update the boat/team leader via the device. This will prompt the diver to check air pressure regularly. If air pressure is not updated an alert will be sent to the boat as well as a flashing LED to remind the diver.
  • Intended to be worn on the fore-arm. Size 11cm x 7.6cm x 3cm.
  • Wireless Charging : No penetrating and unreliable connectors. 16 hour operation before re-charge.
  • Device on boat shows location of divers on screen as well as their air pressure. Shows divers who have not updated air pressure and may be in distress. Ability to send messages to other divers to go to the assistance of distressed diver. Send messages to individual divers or broadcast messages. For example a diver recall message.
  • Sets an automated homing signal in case diver is distressed.
  • OLED color display for clear readability even at night.
  • Two way messaging : Send preset messages between yourself, your buddies as well as the boat. These messages can be customized to the dive.
  • Wireless communication range up to 2km. The communications work in shallow water (1m) as well as deep water.
  • Menus to navigate received messages, transmit messages, Navigation view, Air pressure view. In later models we will incorporate dive algorithms to replace dive computers.
  • Communication set up in a network. Add any number of divers. We have developed an underwater ad-hoc mesh network that is fast and reliable.
  • Navigation: Compass, Attitude of diver to horizon, direction and distance to boat or other diver. Find the boat or other divers quickly and reliably.
  • Wi-Fi enabled: To set up and configure DiveLine with a smart phone app (Android and IOS), down load data as well as update firmware.
Diver Com and Nov