Diveline Features

Diveline is built on highly reliable acoustic communication technology and an innovative breakthrough in underwater navigation technology. The navigation only requires two Diveline units or a Diveline unit and a beacon unit deployed from the boat or an underwater object. We have miniaturized this technology for Scuba divers so that it can be worn on the forearm or mounted elsewhere on the diver conveniently.

Two Way Chat

Send preset messages between yourself, your buddies as well as the boat. These messages can be customized to the dive


Sends an automated SOS message repeatedly to all divers and boat in case of distress so that they can find you.

Buddy Monitor and Buddy Ping

Buddy Monitor functions allow you to set a virtual fence around your buddy and notifies if the buddy crosses the fence. With they easy access Buddy ping function alert your buddy if you need their attention.

Target tracking

Track targets from your location. Shows distance and direction as the target moves through the water.


Direction and distance to buddy, boat or other diver. Find and navigate to the boat or other divers quickly and reliably. Choose target from drop down list. Incorporates electronic compass and depth sensor.

Sunlight readable display and Touch buttons

Sunlight readable low power display using trans-reflective technology. Specially designed touch buttons for rapid navigation of the menus. The buttons are automatically pressure compensated.

Battery and Charging

Charge from 5V adapter with USB-mini cable. Rechargeable LiPo battery with 16hours continuous run time. Gives over four days of three dives a day before charging is required.

Download logs

Download logs via USB serial port. Shows all activity during the dive.

Revolutionary Underwater Communication Device

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Diveline Is Crowdfunding!


Help us advance our new life-saving technology
Indegogo crowd funding campaign will help bring the Diveline product to fruition. Supporters will receive rewards, and
will help bring this ground breaking product to the market.

Funding will be used to complete the prototype, for trials, and for setting up marketing/sales, and customer support.
Help us make diving safer and more enjoyable.

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